Foreign Translations

My articles are not intended to make you laugh. They are intended to make you smile and think. If you read one of them and fail to smile, please let me know, as the article probably needs some reviewing. If you read one of them and it doesn’t make you think for a while about it’s contents… well, to be honest, I think the problem must be on your side.


The following texts are available in English:


The Euro Crisis Explained To Grannies (A satirical short piece about the Euro Crisis)

Our Lady of Equality (A satirical short piece about equality)

The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale (An allegorical fiction book, 160 pages long)

The Dysfunctional Congress – Something in the Water?


The Prince And The Singularity – A Circular Tale

Is now available on Amazon both in digital form and as a paperbook..

Just follow any of the links below:

USA / UK / Canada / Germany / France / Spain / Italy / Japan / Brasil




P. Barrento 2012



One response to “Foreign Translations

  1. Hello Honey,
    I just noticed I failed to process those free books I promised you. I am very sorry about that. I just sent to you today. I have not yet read your book I (I have several to review) but when I do, I will leave a review. I hope you are able to do so for me as well. If not, I understand. Do not feel obligated at all. AND I promise, it will not reflect on my review for you. Smiles and good luck in your writing career.

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